What Can You Do to Add Years to Your Life? Some Simple Steps to Fitness

I am not here to tell you that there is a silver bullet to good health, weight loss or fitness. What I am here to tell you is that if you have the right program with the right support, you can gain years to your life and become a healthy person that feels good about getting up everyday. Exercise, foods, supplements and a good program all have a place in your life, you cannot keep telling yourself “maybe tomorrow”, there is no perfect time to get into a healthy life style or start a program to make a better body. You have to decide that you want to live a long and healthy life full of life experiences that do not include bad knees, heart trouble, diabetes, overweight or any of the other chronic problems people get as they age. There is no way around aging, but you can make it much less painful and be able to look back and say “sure glad I got healthy back then”.Everyday we are bombarded with information about “stuff” that is just not good for us. The old saying “if it looks good and smells good and tastes good” it must be bad for you. Well, many things we put in our bodies are bad for us and then there are things that are good for us that smell, taste and looks good. Just got to find those things that take you away from all the bad stuff. Anything we buy in the store processed is probably not the best thing for us! Right? So, making good decisions about food and supplements can add years to our lives. Now you add in a good fitness program and your golden!First, Take the time to find a fitness program that will work with your speed, not the speed of the fit person on the screen going a hundred miles an hour and you trying to keep up! A fitness program is a key to success as it will give you the direction and encouragement to keep at it and the tools to become successful.Second, Take supplements, there are so many out there and they are an important part of everyone’s fitness. Finding the right ones is the key. A good fitness program will give you those supplements that will help with your overall health and also aid your fitness program. Supplements can be expensive so it is important for you to get the right ones and only the ones you truly need and a good fitness program should be able to give that information to you.Third, You and I need exercise. It is critical that we all get our blood flowing and our cardio up and running. Our bodies crave it and if you start working out at some level, even if it is just long walks or leg lifts in a chair to start, you body will like it and you will feel better and want to do it some more. Most people interviewed will tell you that their bodies started off hurting in the beginning but once the first pain went away, they almost become addicted to exercise because it made them feel so good when they finished. All you have to do is have a program that gives you the guidance and help to make it easy to understand exercises and which ones will work best for you.