Top 10 Uses For Mobile Broadband in Business

In this information and technological driven age, most businesses have benefited from being able to continue their working day whilst out of the office through the wonders of Mobile Broadband. Mobile Broadband has made huge strides into the working practices of businesses throughout the UK over the last year. In January 2009 almost 60,000 USB dongles were sold in the UK which according to reports is nearly double the average monthly sales of 2008. The UK now boasts an impressive 90%+ coverage, making mobile broadband a compelling proposition for many businesses. In this article we have put together our ‘top 10’ reasons for business to consider a mobile broadband contract:

Checking email on the move
Most businesses are heavily reliant on email for their day to day communications. With no access to emails many business functions grind to a halt. This helps explain the popularity of handheld device such as an iPhone or Blackberry. E-mail on the move really is the killer-app for Mobile Broadband as it allows the user to stay in contact with clients and keep their business on track.

Finding contact details for your appointment
You’ve left the office to go and meet your client to deliver that all important pitch and then 10 minutes before you are due to arrive you suddenly realize that you don’t have the exact address for where you are going. You can’t phone the client because that would create a terrible impression, and you don’t have time to go back to the office. Call it bad planning or plain stupidity – but we have all been there, and when it happens it ain’t nice. But now thanks to mobile broadband you can fire up your browser and get the info you are looking for within minutes.

Google Maps – finding out how to get there
Even if you are organized enough to have written down the exact address, if you are travelling to somewhere you are unfamiliar with you may still need to rely on the help of your accommodating mobile broadband connection. Type the address into Google Maps and seconds later you’ll have their exact location with lots of useful information such as directions and places of interest nearby. This can save the embarrassment of getting lost and having to phone where you are going to for directions.

Accessing LAN via remote login
A number of businesses are taking advantage of being able to login remotely to their Local Area Network (LAN) where all their important documents are stored. This is extremely useful when on the move and you need have access to certain materials which would have required you to stop off back at the office (if feasible) or phone a colleague to email you the required information.

Internet Telephony / Skype
In helping to control a company’s expenditure the relatively recent development of Internet Telephony and in particular the Skype service has been a boost. Instead of paying for calls through a landline, you can call via the Internet to someone who also has the service free of charge. You can also call at lower rates to a landline via Skype which has helped contribute to it’s tremendous popularity.
Skype has been a pioneering global phenomenon in it’s industry with as of May 2009, 443 million users registered and on average 42.2 million users per day using the service.

Researching your customer
The No 1 rule in business is ‘Know your customer’. Well thanks to Mobile Broadband’s extensive coverage, it won’t take long to connect to the Internet and start doing some last minute research on your customer to help you get ahead of the game before your meeting.

Emergency Broadband in the office
Broadband has completely changed the business landscape in a relatively short period of time, to the extent that for many businesses no broadband means no business. For this reason it is vital to have a back-up plan in place should problems with your regular fixed broadband connection occur. A mobile broadband solution can provide you with this temporary solution – allowing you to continue working as normal with minimal impact to your business.

Managing your online business – processing orders etc
Many businesses now have an online arm to their business. Mobile broadband allows you to manage this side of your business – processing orders and answering customer queries while on the move. You no longer need to be in the office or on a fixed broadband line to manage your online business.

Catching up on Business News
Staying up to date within your industry is important for any businesses. With Mobile Broadband you can easily find out all the latest news in minutes through websites, RSS feeds, newsgroups etc.

Accessing Financial Information

Mobile broadband allows you to download the latest share prices so you can monitor how your portfolio is doing, whilst up-to-date exchange rate information can be very useful if you are conducting business in a multi-currency environment.