Fit Tip

Now is the time to start talking about tomorrow and living for today. Shut up and put up! Career, health/fitness, family, spiritually, relationships… whatever you have been talking about for the last month; it’s time to STOP talking about it and START being about it.Too many times in our lives with health, careers, school, family, church, etc..we put off things until the next hour, next day or the next week. We often have times that we look back on our past and think of how horrible our life USED to be, or we look back thinking about the incredible successes that we experienced.But in reality, the only thing that matters is now.The past is history; we can only learn from history, tomorrow is the future, it is not promised! In order to be successful we must ACT AND ACT NOW! Action alone is the tinder that ignites your dreams, your plans, and your goals into a living force. Keep acting and you will succeed!Here is a tip for getting started.Planning and OrganizingMany of us write a grocery list before we go to the store, write business plans before we start a business, set down our dreams/goals every year and even plan vacations month’s in advance. Taking a few seconds to do the same with your NUTRITION and FITNESS can work wonders!Every night after dinner, sit down and write out your meals for tomorrow. Just as you would a grocery list, do this on a full stomach! Do not limit yourself to only health foods, if you need chocolate-plan it! If you count calories or points….count them! If your eating out the next day-plan it- find good healthy choices on the menu before hand, fill up on healthy snack beforehand and eat sparingly or split your meal with a friend!When going to the gym without a plan, you are more likely to do your standard workout or quit early out of frustration. This will sabotage you progress. Take a few minutes before hand and organize your session. Remember muscle shock is great for the body, so try something new and STAY AWAY FROM MACHINES! Be sure to incorporate the entire body! Uppers, Lower, Core and Cardio!”Failing to Plan IS Planning to Fail.”